Thank you Tania. It was indeed an amazing session! This as my first one ever and I’ve never felt so free in my life! Healed from so many things and so many questions answered in one session. I can’t thank you enough!"
Tania, I definitely see a huge change in my dad! His energy has shifted dramatically in a positive way. I am seriously so freaking happy right now. The session was absolutely amazing!! Everyone can see changes within my father. You made it so easy! Thank you so much Tania!!!"

Wholeness and balance my sister! I trust all is well in your world! It's been a wild few days processing all the information that came through my session.  I always ask the universe and my guides to provide affirmation and it's been such a blessing to see the answers that have come through.  I was blown away by the fact that I was an amphibian and today I was listening to someone I follow on YouTube (because I've been staying away for sometime) and he kept referencing nature and fish and going back to the seed of nature.  I'M LIKE OMG...THAT WAS MY SESSION!! When I left my life as an amphibian I returned back to a seed under the water.  The other big message he stated was that nature is always ready to reveal what we need....as long as we the work!! Once again another affirmation for "DO THE WORK".  I just want to thank you for your beautiful spirit and bravery to do this work and I swear I know you from one of these lives or another that hasn't revealed itself! The minute I saw you....I was like wait....I know you!  Thank you again.

Thanks! I enjoyed it immensely and channeling my higher self was a new experience for me and I have a new appreciation for what channelers experience in that my higher self was speaking through me. I knew it was me talking (my voice) but it wasn't me at the same time. PS. I have told my friends about our session. Definitely recommend you."