Reiki Infused Hypnosis

What is Reiki Infused Hypnosis?

Reiki Infused Hypnosis is a new technique I developed which combines Reiki with Hypnosis. Reiki is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "the Wisdom of God or the Higher Power" and Ki which is means "life force energy." Reiki is a technique for transmitting energy to yourself and others through the hands into the human energy system. However, I am able to transfer this energy with intent and the power of the mind and transfer it to the client. There is a unique energy exchange that takes place in the session. Reiki restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. Stress can get trapped into any area of the body and make you sick. Reiki gently and effectively opens blocked meridians, chakras, and clears the energy bodies, leaving one feeling relaxed and at peace. Reiki can accelerate healing, balance the flow of your energy body and activate the “healer within.” A Reiki Infused Hypnosis Session combines hypnosis with Reiki to allow for the most perfect healing. During the session you may feel a warm, gentle sunshine or buzzing feeling which flows through you, surrounds you and comforts you. Reiki treats the person’s body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Reiki in conjunction with Introspective Hypnosis, a technique created by Aurelio Mejia combines several techniques such forgiveness therapy, role change, Ericksonian hypnosis, past life regression and spirit assistance, also known as spirit releasement. Introspective Hypnosis has proven to be a powerful technique due to its ability to treat multiple conditions in just one session. Reiki enhances the results.
Client Session with Maria Elena
What are the benefits of Introspective Hypnosis?

Introspective hypnosis helps people journey in search of the origin of any psychosomatic symptom, such as pain, sadness, depression, fears, phobias, relationship issues, addictions, etc.

The human body can act as a big repository of repressed emotions. The conscious mind can remove any event or experience that might overload us, as a form of protection. It stores that event in the subconscious mind until we are ready to deal with it. We unknowingly put these repressed emotions “on hold” due to societal concerns, issues in our daily lives, belief systems, religion, or for other reasons. When ignored for a period of time, these issues can manifest as tension in different parts of the body, pain, headaches, cancer, tumors or other symptoms.

It is the objective of Introspective Hypnosis to look for those pending issues that might have originated either in this life or in a past one. You can say it is a form of quantum healing.

What causes these symptoms?

Other symptoms can be caused by spirit attachments. Introspective Hypnosis was not only created to help incarnated spirits, it was also created to help disembodied ones; the ones that are lost, confused, or that might have pending issues with the host. Our mission is to help them by treating them with love, respect and affection, by working with them on forgiveness and assisting them to the light to help continue their evolution.

Once the spirit leaves, any symptom, thoughts or behavior transmitted to the host will be gone with them allowing almost immediate relief.

How is Introspective Hypnosis Different?

Introspective Hypnosis tries to focus on events or issues that originated in the current lifetime. If the origin is not found in the present life, then we ask the subconscious to take us to a past life to the time when it originated.

 This method is very flexible, based on the principle that each person is unique. It can easily be adapted to the requirements of each client and each session, in order to look for the most positive outcome.

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Introspective Hypnosis

Introspective Hypnosis

A powerful technique able to treat multiple conditions in just one session.
Reiki & Chakra Balance

Reiki & Chakra Balance

An energy healing and journey through your energy body into your Chakra system.


Helping you connect with the spirit of a loved one who has passed.
DNA Activation

DNA Activation

DNA Activation of your Divine Blueprint, Soul Purpose & to Trust the Divine Plan