What is Reiki?

During a reiki session (online or physical), I connect to the universal energy source and I then strategically place my hands in different positions of the body. Prior to beginning we set an intention or goal. This energy moves like a one-way channel through my hands and into your body. By touching and hovering over the body, I am able to release, move, and add energy to each point of the body’s midline energy system, helping to promote balance within the body. This is an extremely powerful tool. The beauty of Reiki is that I am able to create an energy shift for you.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

This technique is helpful in addressing pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and improving the quality of life of cancer patients. Some patients also report a reduction in acute and chronic pain in sprains and bruises. I have used this technique with my hospice patients, and they report a feeling of calmness, ease and some have improved appetite. Reiki can also balance your chakras. The Benefits of Reiki are endless but to name are few, reduction in stress, pain, depression, improves mobility, reduces inflammation, heals wounds, increases emotional clarity and spiritual growth. 

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What are Chakras?

Each chakra in the body corresponds to the well-being of an area of one’s life, strong emotions as well as various parts of the human body. There are seven primary chakras. The human energy field or aura house the individual chakras. These energy centers in the body also correspond to the different organs of the body.

The Seven Chakras

Root Chakra

The first energy center is found at the base of the spine. This activity of this chakra creates our sense of security and general well-being.

Sacral Chakra

The energetic state of our second chakra is very important. It determines the sexual disposition and appetite for men and women.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the energy center that regulates our personal power, vitality, and confidence.

Heart Chakra

Located in the center of the chest, it is the center of our moral existence.

Throat Chakra

This power spot is located in the throat area. Its state determines how we express our thoughts creatively.

Third Eye Chakra

This Chakra deals with intuition and self-reflection.

Crown Chakra

Located on top of the head, this chakra deals with universal knowledge and self- identity.
Why do I need to have my Chakras balanced?

When a chakra is blocked, you can feel anxiety, stress, physical and spiritual ailments. In a Chakra balancing session, I take you through a guided meditation that clears and opens your chakras to better bring about harmony to body, mind and spirit. This brings alignment to the chakras with each other for greater balance overall. Book a session with me today and join me in your journey back to oneness!

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Introspective Hypnosis

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Reiki & Chakra Balance

Reiki & Chakra Balance

An energy healing and journey through your energy body into your Chakra system.


Helping you connect with the spirit of a loved one who has passed.
DNA Activation

DNA Activation

DNA Activation of your Divine Blueprint, Soul Purpose & to Trust the Divine Plan